Importar de caixas de e-mail

Straightforward importing from e-mail boxes means it is easy to include the electronic corrispondence in your document management, and everyone in your organization can quickly find e-mails and attachments without time loss.

Importing e-mails is so simple that nobody have to perform any tasks, you only have to configure the import e-mail accounts and let LogicalDOC do all the work. LogicalDOC is able to connect to your mail server and automatically import the incoming messages acting like a common mailer client. Once imported, the e-mails can be searched and shared among your staff. LogicalDOC doesn't affect in any way your actual practices and your users will also continue to receive e-mails in their preferred mailer, nobody needs to know that LogicalDOC is working under the covers.

You can use this feature to automate document importing by monitoring specific e-mail accounts that are used to receive important documents coming from the outside of your organization. In this way you will be able to get your documents base populated directly  by your customers/partners.

Benefits of this feature

  • Important e-mails are catalogued, versioned and full-text indexed without human data entry
  • No need to forward e-mails, since they are already shared in the LogicalDOC documents base
  • You can use specific accounts as entry-poins for documentation from the outside

Feature details

  • Import from mail servers (both POP3 and IMAP protocols)
  • Not intrusive, LogicalDOC acts just like a normal mailer and no more than this
  • You can define routing policies to route incoming messages to a specific target folder
  • Support for sub-foldering: year, month, day
  • E-mails can be stored as single .eml documents, or exploded (body and attachments as distinct documents)
  • Simple and advanced scheduling
  • Logs and activity report

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