Synchronization of Files and Folders

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document repository synchronization

Synchronizing the LogicalDOC repository with each PCs  means it is easy to startup your document management, and everyone in your organization can quickly find documents without  training.

Importing documents from a PC to a LogicalDOC installation is so simple that nobody have to perform any tasks, you only have to configure the local folders to be inspected by the LogicalDOC Sync application. In the same way that local folder will be synchronized with all the changes that happen in the remote repository.
LogicalDOC Sync can be installed on any Windows operating system and synchronizes the centralized document repository with the updates that occurs in the local folders and vice versa. Once imported, the documents can be searched, versioned and shared among your staff.

You can use this feature to synchronize the work of a team of persons and a lot of business processes and administrative tasks can be automated using this approach.

Benefits of this feature

  • All the organization's documents are catalogued, versioned and full-text indexed without human data entry
  • You and your staff will be able to search and view the documents from the browser
  • You can work off-line and get synchronized when the connection to LogicalDOC becomes available

  • Feature details

    • Windows installer
    • 2-ways synchronization
    • Ability to synchronize multiple folders
    • Graphical configuration Interface
    • Synchronization of off-line work
    • Sync Delay Configuration

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