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LogicalDOC provides straightforward importing from shared and local folders, making it easy to manage your documents and allowing anyone in your organization to quickly find documents without any training.

Importing documents is so simple that nobody has to perform any tasks; just configure the import sources and let LogicalDOC do all the work!


LogicalDOC connects to all your shared locations – PCs, servers, storage, etc. – and automatically imports your documents. Once imported, those documents can be searched, versioned, and shared among your staff.

You can use this feature to automate document importing by monitoring import folders that receive files scanned from an MFP or another application’s output reporting process. Many business processes and administrative tasks can be automated using this approach.

Benefits of this feature

  • All of your organization’s documents are catalogued, versioned, and full-text indexed without any manual data entry.
  • You and your staff are able to search and view the documents from the browser
  • Those employees who produce documentation do not need to be trained on LogicalDOC; they can continue to save files to the same locations as before.

Feature details

  • Easily import from local folders and remote shared locations (SMB protocol)
  • Replicate external folder trees, including folders and subfolders
  • Inclusion/Exclusion filters based on file name
  • Basic and advanced scheduling
  • Email notification of execution report
  • More details in the Administrator’s Guide

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